University Policy

The Quality Assurance Committee, at its meeting held in May 2011, approved in principle the following general policies for teaching and learning evaluation in the University.

  1. Evaluation of the teaching and learning experience is a critical component of the evaluation procedure within the University’s management and quality assurance framework.
  2. The University is committed to undertaking regular University-wide evaluation of the teaching and learning experience, using student and other stakeholder feedback, for a range of purposes including:
    • to improve teaching and learning quality;
    • to formulate active and effective teaching practices;
    • to provide information in regard to staff development needs; and
    • to evaluate staff performance as part of personnel decisions.
  3. All University-wide evaluation instruments must be fit for purpose, resource-effective, and providing an accurate overview of the quality of the teaching and learning experience.
  4. The University adopts an online evaluation system to streamline workflows and ensure data integrity. Data derived from evaluations will be used in an appropriate manner to protect the anonymity of students who have participated in the evaluation process and to comply with government privacy ordinances concerning staff and students.
  5. Heads of Academic Units are responsible for:
    • ensuring regular evaluation of the teaching and learning experience is conducted within their units using University-recognised evaluation instrument(s);
    • analysing evaluation data and initiating follow-up actions, in consultation with the concerned academic staff where appropriate; and
    • ensuring that students and staff are informed in a timely manner of the results and improvements and/or changes made arising from the evaluation of the teaching and learning experience.

(Last update: December 2015)