About TLQ

The University has been adopting a multi-component teaching and learning evaluation mechanism by drawing on feedback from both students and staff to improve academic quality since Semester B 2011/12. The 10-question survey, applicable to all teaching assignments (every course taught), titled Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (TLQ) has been devised to collect student feedback.

The TLQ has gone through several rounds of revisions by taking in comments of various stakeholders and research findings. Student focus groups have also been conducted to ensure the wording in the questionnaire is meaningful to students. The main features of the TLQ include:

  1. Promote an outcome-based, discovery-enriched teaching and learning model; and confirm the use of English as the medium of instruction.
  2. Use a 5-point scale *.
  3. Apply to all modes of learning, such as lectures, seminars, workshops, laboratories and tutorials, as the questions are generic and diagnostic.
  4. Be administered for every teacher in every course/section.
  5. Be formatted to be suitable for mobile devices, which have been shown in pilot studies to boost response rates.

* Pilot run of a 5-point scale (formerly 7-point scale) in Summer Term 2022. Full implementation, as approved by the Senate, with effect from Semester A 2022/23.

(Last update: June 2022)